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Riding the tide of the camp superhero craze of the 1960s, the show’s premise involved police chemist Carter Nash (William Daniels), a mild-mannered mama’s boy who discovered a secret formula that, when taken, transformed him in an explosive burst of smoke into Captain Nice.
Captain Nice didn’t behave much differently from Carter. In fact, the Captain ran around in a white, red, and blue pajama-like costume, complete with cape, lovingly sewn by his domineering mother who had basically bullied him into his crime-fighting career. Carter selected the name Captain Nice since he already had items monogrammed “CN.” His superpowers included superhuman strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly, but he was nervous about doing the latter as he was afraid of heights, and his natural clumsiness was increased exponentially whenever he drank his super serum.

Carter had a would-be girlfriend in the police department, meter maid Sgt. Candy Kane, although he seemed mostly oblivious to her obvious attentions.

Episode # Episode title Original airdate Short Summary
1-1 “The Man Who Flies Like A Pigeon” (pilot) January 9, 1967 Carter tries to explain the importance of his new formula.
1-2 “How Sheik Can You Get?” January 16, 1967 Captain Nice helps rescue a woman from Sheik Abdul.
1-3 “That Thing” January 23, 1967 Caterpillar develops a ravenous appetite and super powers when it accidentally drinks Nice’s secret formula.
1-4 “That Was the Bridge That Was” February 6, 1967 Carter searches for con artists who built a faulty bridge and kidnapped Mayor Finley.
1-5 “The Man With Three Blue Eyes” February 20, 1967 A mentalist is kidnapped by thugs who think he can find a fortune in stolen money.
1-6 “Is Big Town Burning?” February 27, 1967 Carter risks being unmasked as Captain Nice in order to reveal the identity of an arsonist.
1-7 “Don’t Take Any Wooden Indians” March 6, 1967 Captain Nice prevents a disgruntled explorer from murdering his benefactor.
1-8 “That’s What Mothers Are For” March 13, 1967 Carter is dismissed in an economy move and Mrs. Nash retaliates by stealing his costume.
1-9 “Whatever Lola Wants” March 20, 1967 While trying to stop a jailbreak, Captain Nice is slipped a pill that makes him appear intoxicated.
1-10 “Who’s Afraid Of Amanda Woolf?” March 27, 1967 Captain Nice breaks up a potential massacre, so in retaliation, the gang invades the Nash home.
1-11 “The Week They Stole Payday” April 3, 1967 Carter discovers that the Bigtown payroll has been replaced with counterfeit money.
1-12 “It Tastes Okay, But Something’s Missing” April 10, 1967 Carter Nash lacks the secret formula he needs to turn into Captain Nice in order to prevent a robbery.
1-13 “May I Have The Last Dance?” April 17, 1967 Carter and Sergeant Kane are captured by fur thieves.
1-14 “One Rotten Apple” April 24, 1967 A nightclub owner (played by Bob Newhart) must be protected from potential killers.
1-15 “Beware Of Hidden Prophets” May 1, 1967 Carter is fired when a quack mentalist predicts a criminal will escape from jail.

3 Disks – 15 Episodes – Region 1


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